Christian Science teaches the way out of all discordant...

Christian Science teaches the way out of all discordant conditions. We demonstrate this in our experience as we come into the realization that God is Life, Truth, and Love. We have had many proofs of the power of this statement in mental, physical, and financial healings. A broken arm has been healed without any material aid; teeth have been straightened in the same manner; children's diseases have been overcome quickly; influenza was healed in a few days; and financial problems have been solved.

I should like to tell of an experience we had in our home recently. Our eldest son, on returning from school, complained of a pain in the head. We called a Christian Science practitioner, and he was relieved immediately; but after a few hours the pain returned, with only intermittent relief. This continued for about seven days. At this time the boy's head was disfigured, and the ordeal very trying. I knew earnest and loving work in Science was being done; and I knew God never sent suffering. In carefully examining my own thought, I found I was binding the boy with a false sense of mother-love. I knew I must change my thinking: I had to leave him in God's care, to know he was God's child. I worked earnestly to realize this, but at times error seemed very real. Through earnest study of the textbooks I began to realize the meaning of these words: Man is made in God's image and likeness; and I know it! When I said, "I know it," I realized the difficulty was met; Truth had overcome error, and was master. Shortly after this the boy rested and went to sleep. When he awoke he was free. In three days his head was normal in size; all pain was gone; and he was able to be at school again. We know of a number of cases of the same trouble, where material means were used. All had operations on the head, and endured many weeks of illness.

Testimony of Healing
I am so very grateful for all that Christian Science has...
November 10, 1923

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