Four years ago I turned to Christian Science for healing

Four years ago I turned to Christian Science for healing. At that time I had spent three years in search of health. I had had five doctors. The first three said the trouble was a nervous breakdown, and I would get over it; but they did not help me any; in fact, I became worse daily. The fourth said it was a form of palsy, and that I should be very thankful if I could be relieved from time to time, as there was no cure for such a disease. I was beginning to grow very helpless. Then I tried the fifth doctor, who said I was partly paralyzed and anaemic. My throat, bowels were paralyzed. I lived on liquids, and at times could not talk as I should. I could raise my arms but very little, and sometimes had to walk with a cane. My hip was also affected. I had to be helped into and out of bed.

The doctor said he thought if I could live up on the mountains I might get better; so we bought a place over fifty miles away, and my husband and I went to live there. We were there for six months. my husband losing all his wages during that time; but I grew worse, and in the fall we returned to the city to live. We went again to the mountains in the following spring; but as I thought I was getting near my journey's end, we decided that the family should all get together for the short time I should be here! I was like a skeleton; but God led me to the right place. We went in search of rooms, and finally found some; and the lady of whom we rented them said to me, "I am studying Christian Science and it meets all my needs." She also lent me some Sentinels, which I read. That was the first time I had ever heard of Christian Science. After we were settled in our own home, I began again to think of it, and after three months of hesitation finally asked for treatment. The practitioner was very patient with my long tale of woe, and soon led me away from fear, revealing to me the true God, the God of love, who is ever present. Before this I had prayed to and pleaded with Him in tears to show me what I had done that made Him send all this sickness upon me; but what joy I experienced when I found that God did not send anything but good! I soon began to be more cheerful and bright. After a few treatments, I could move in bed and even get up without assistance. Soon I could walk on my heels and toes; and before long was able to do my work. Now I am as strong as ever I was, and am entirely healed.

How thankful I am for the practitioner's loving help, as she led me into the spiritual understanding that God is All! I am thankful that I am learning to understand the Bible, which before was to me very mysterious and dark. I am glad to say that our family of five are all interested in Christian Science, and have all had some wonderful healings. I am very grateful for my healing. Christian Science has changed my whole life. In it I have found a perfect God, who healeth all our diseases. I am truly grateful for the teachings of Christian Science. The textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, does indeed illume the pages of the Bible.

Testimony of Healing
I did not take up the study of Christian Science for...
November 10, 1923

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