Letters from the Field

"Many times, as I sat in the comfortable little room it was my privilege to occupy at our Christian Science Sanatorium working out what seemed to me the biggest problem of my life, did the thought come to me, When I am out in the world in some useful activity, I do want my 'firstfruits' to come to this dear home; for it will be what I am receiving here that will enable me to be again useful, active, and happy. The day has come! And the inclosed check is of the 'firstfruits.' How I wish it were many times the amount!

"Ever since leaving the Sanatorium I have had the desire to write you a testimony of my healing, but to write the details has not been possible. For a time that seemed to bother me, as I felt that much was due The Christian Science Benevolent Association and the Scientists out in the field. I desire to help them to know of the beautiful work being done at the Sanatorium, and how it is fulfilling the mission our dear Leader intended it should. Often I have tried to recall the days from the time I arrived until I left; but the details would not come. I only see that very little of what appeared to go into the Sanatorium came out,—the regeneration was so great, and the outlook so different. Then it dawned upon me that details and the rehearsing of the bad dream are not what will heal, but that the expression of love and gratitude can do far more; and it began to unfold how much more of a testimony I have, and how beautiful and complete a healing may be that destroys even the remembrance of the details. I am very grateful for this; and as 'God is no respecter of persons,' the same healing is there for each dear one who enters the Sanatorium.

"For a long time, to mortal sense, it seemed a very dark time, up an almost impossible hill; after a while it began to be a wonderful growing time, and the hill possible or impossible only as I stood faithful or unfaithful. Now it stands as the most beautiful experience, the surest proof of God's omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience I have ever known. I am so grateful.

Be Not Contentious
November 10, 1923

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