The Science of Right Thinking

Christian Science is the Science of right thinking. Its teachings set forth plainly that man's troubles are due to wrong thoughts, to be remedied only by the correction of the processes of thought that produce the discordant conditions. This solution of human woes seems such a simple one that the average individual is sometimes skeptical regarding its efficacy, or turns away from it because he is reluctant to abandon habits of thinking which he has, perhaps, served for years.

Jesus once healed a case of blindness by sending the person who was afflicted to a certain pool to wash. The story of Naaman, the captain in the Syrian army who came to Elisha to be healed of leprosy and was told to wash seven times, also presents an interesting lesson. Naaman, having made great preparations for his healing and undertaken a long journey in order to obtain it, was much displeased to be told that what he needed was a thorough cleansing; however, he obeyed the direction of Elisha and was healed. In both these cases, the context indicates that it was the obedience and greater sense of purity—expressions of right thinking—which helped to accomplish the healing work.

Error Has No Past
September 16, 1922

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