When in a very weak state, and much depressed mentally...

When in a very weak state, and much depressed mentally because several physicians shook their heads when I asked if they could help me, I turned with an unwillingness to Christian Science for help, because I knew not where else to go. A gentleman who had been reading Christian Science literature and attending the church services had spoken to me about it several times; but it was only after my asking him if there were any men in the movement who did healing work (because I did not think I could go to a woman with my trouble) that he very kindly turned to the telephone directory and, pointing out a name, said that was the name of a practitioner.

Resistance was so uppermost in me that I would not call on the practitioner, but wrote him a letter, stating that I had a difficulty I wished to be freed from. When the practitioner received the letter, he called me on the telephone and very gently and kindly said he would be glad to see me if I would call. I made an appointment with him for that afternoon, but was not much impressed; for my mental condition was such that it made me indifferent to everything but the healing of my body, so that I could continue my so-called life, for I at that time thought this was the only way reasonable people would care to live. I am glad to say my views along those lines are entirely altered. The practitioner said what he would be willing to do; and when I asked the charge he told me. When I left, I had agreed to spend a half hour with him each day after lunch. At the end of six weeks he discharged me, much to my surprise; for although I knew I was a new man,—enjoying comfort, sleep, and a good appetite,—I was still willing to continue something which did me so much good and did not cost so much money as had been spent on doctors. This, and the surprise I felt that he did not want more money, somewhat overcame my selfishness—to the point of buying a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and reading it, whereas I had read but very little in the loaned copy. Within a few days it was clear to me that I had received what the practitioner knew when he discharged me,—a perfect healing.

Testimony of Healing
As an evidence of the deep sense of gratitude I feel for...
December 16, 1922

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