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Although I had received a Christian education, according...

Although I had received a Christian education, according to the old theological school, I was lacking in spiritual understanding and could not interpret the beautiful Bible texts. My faith, therefore, was but a wavering one, and I often gave in to doubt and discouragement. Now, thanks to the teachings of Christian Science, doubt is no longer possible, and I feel myself gaining an ever increasing faith and confidence in God. This is due to the fact that I now understand somewhat the relation of man to God, and am daily rejoicing in the efficacy of that understanding. It is indeed comforting to dwell on the thought of man's at-one-ment with God; and consolation follows as one clings more earnestly to God in moments of weakness.

I knew of this wonderful Science for a long period; and whenever I was privileged to talk with a Christian Scientist I felt regenerated, encouraged, and went forward with renewed hope. There came a day when I resolved to give more earnest study to the truth which, thus far, I had only dimly perceived; and this opportunity came to me at a time when something seemed to consume my child. Her strength seemed ebbing away, and she seemed to have lost all recuperative energy. I got into touch with a Christian Science practitioner, and after two treatments saw my child regain her normal selfhood and recover courage and interest in life. She was filled with confidence in God, to whom alone "all things are possible," and in a few days she was restored to health, although six weeks of complete rest in the country, under medical care, had failed to produce any benefit whatever. Two weeks later, she resumed her usual occupations and did not experience any further weakness.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was first introduced to me by my...
December 16, 1922

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