Christian Scientists the world over are most consistent,...

Steubenville Daily Gazette

Christian Scientists the world over are most consistent, faithful, and habitual readers of the Bible. They are being enabled to prove with ever increasing certainty that the Word of God revealed in the Bible is a definite and sure guide to eternal Life. A real Christian Scientist cannot possibly be kept out of heaven, for he is even now gaining glorious glimpses of the fact that, as Jesus taught, "the kingdom of God is within you." The task of the Christian Scientist is to lessen sin, disease, and death. He does not become frightened at miracles, so called. A Christian Scientist must be earnest, sincere, true to himself and others; and, above all else, he must seek first the kingdom of God.

It is easy to forgive those who make unkind and untrue statements about Christian Science, for we know that if they really knew better and really understood the teachings of this religion, they would not speak in criticism of it. Mrs. Eddy will ever be our beloved Leader, for in her various writings she has given aids to us on our journey heavenward. The following loving admonition of hers is a good example of how she is teaching us to love all mankind, and to do unto others as we would be done by (Massage for 1901, p. 34): "Finally, brethren, wait patiently on God; return blessing for cursing; be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good; be steadfast, abide and abound in faith, understanding, and good works; study the Bible and the textbook of our denomination; obey strictly the laws that be, and follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ. Godliness or Christianity is a human necessity: man cannot live without it; he has no intelligence, health, hope, nor happiness without godliness."

December 16, 1922

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