Christian Science was first introduced to me by my...

Christian Science was first introduced to me by my brother; but I had become very much prejudiced against what I thought it was by listening to unfair criticism. However, when it seemed that I had reached an extremity, and I had been told by several very kind physicians that there was little they could do to relieve me of a tubercular condition of the throat (attended by frequent hemorrhages and violent coughing), I decided that I might be very unfair to myself if I did not give Christian Science an honest investigation or trail. I borrowed a copy of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, from a Christian Science Reading Room, and even to my apparently hopeless sense it seemed that I had indeed found the "pearl of great price." After reading this book for about a month, all fear of invalidism suddenly left me. The Bible had a new meaning. Its promises seemed no longer vague; and I learned that health is an indestructible quality of divine Mind, God, not dependent on any material condition for its harmonious manifestation.

The dreams of sense are no more pleasant to recall than to experience; but for the peace, joy, and sense of freedom that came with my healing I can never express in words my gratitude. I am grateful to God, to Christ Jesus the Way-shower, and to Mary Baker Eddy for her loving work in making this Science of Truth so plain through her books that all may understand, and be able to use their understanding to free themselves from that which is unlike God, good.—Charles S. Peel, Santa Ana, Calif.

December 16, 1922

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