The review which appeared in a recent issue of your...


The review which appeared in a recent issue of your paper begins with the acceptance of the idea that Christian Science healing is "mental." This is a completely mistaken notion, if by "mental" it is intended to signify the work of a human mentality. Healing, as practiced by Christian Scientists, is spiritual, and is not the result of any action of the so-called human mind. That mind is said by Paul to be "carnal" and "enmity against God;" whatever healing seems to be done through its agency is magnetic, hypnotic, mesmeric, or suggestive. Farther on, the reviewer appears to assume that the Christian Science church is a "healing movement"—that is, that it is merely striving after physical health. That this is not so may be gathered from the fact that Christian Scientists are called upon to prove in their own lives the essential practicability of Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount; and it can scarcely be argued that this address of Jesus is concerned only with the subject of physical health: its theme is the well-being of humanity in every conceivable phase of its activity. As a matter of fact, Christian Science teaches that one becomes healthy through right thinking, and so leaves the body out of his thought.

There Is No Night
December 16, 1922

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