Remembering Our Creator

To God, who is infinite good, there can be no knowledge of lack of any kind. Christian Science teaches us that it is such a consciousness that our creator, infinite Mind, has provided for His children. Lack implies loss, absence, forgetting. That which is called lack is, then, but a mortal belief that the Love which forever cares for its spiritual universe can ever forget its child's need. "Remember now thy Creator" is the simple yet effective recipe for the healing of every human ill.

If we forget the wholeness of Life and call ourselves sick, Truth speaks to us, "Turn ye, turn ye ...; for why will ye die ...?" and, remembering, we live. If we have so far forgotten God, who is the only Life, that we must have some one help us, the helper does for us what we are unable to do for ourselves: he contradicts the delusion that we have been separated from God, good. The practitioners of Christian Science Mind-healing are such helpers. They stand in loving willingness, ever ready to bring again to the forgetful the token of His power and presence. Self-forgetful, they remember their creator, that the aberrations of a dreaming world may cease.

Power of a Right Decision
December 16, 1922

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