The subject of mental healing has in recent years attracted...

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The subject of mental healing has in recent years attracted a great deal of attention. The various forms of mental methods are widely exploited under such titles as "autosuggestion" for the cure of disease, "business psychology" to improve business conditions, and "new thought" as a modern religion. The average person has the impression that these terms and methods are of recent origin, and that the practice of mental manipulation has been discovered by some secret process, which few of us know anything about. However, instead of being something new or startling, all of such methods are as old as the human race. The methods may appear under different titles, or names, and they may attract more attention at one time than another, but that does not affect the truth concerning them. Indeed, from the earliest account of the human race, as found in the first books of the Bible, down to the last book on the subject, we find references to magicians, diviners, necromancers, and wizards. The only difference is that in modern times we have new names for old methods, Properly speaking, it may be said that these false beliefs of mankind arise from fear and ignorance of our true relationship with our Maker; and the mental methods based on these false beliefs are employed as a "short-cut" to blessings which can only result from a strict and honest adherence to Christianity. The attitude of Christianity toward mental manipulation is illustrated in the eighth chapter of Acts, where it is narrated that a sorcerer by the name of Simon asked Peter, the disciple, to teach him how to cure people by spiritual means; and he went so far as to offer to give Peter money for the information; whereupon Peter said, "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money."

Mental manipulation, by whatever name it may be called, is merely the seeming action of one human mind on another, whereby the latter is caused to register the desired result; or, in the case where a person treats himself, it is done by autosuggestion. The belief is that either another person, or one's self, has the power to accomplish the result. Moreover, it is believed that the discordant condition, whether of sickness or anything else, is a reality, and something which God has ordained as a part of life. Therefore, when through mental manipulation a belief in one thing is changed into a belief in another, nothing permanent is thereby accomplished, although the new belief may appear to be better than the old one. If a person labors under the belief of sickness of some sort, and through mental manipulation acquires a belief of health, nevertheless the belief remains that health is material and depends upon the human body.

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