During the fall of 1908, I was considered to be suffering...

During the fall of 1908, I was considered to be suffering from a very serious mental and physical condition, and was then under the care of a physician. Though scrupulously obedient to my doctor's methods of treatment, I got no better, but rather worse. I, however, remained under his care a while longer, and during the time was attracted to the Emmanuel movement. Temporarily leaving my doctor, I sought for treatment by the Emmanuelists, who advised me to put myself under the care of some competent nerve specialist and follow his advice.

Being somewhat disappointed by such information, though not discouraged, I said to myself, "There must be something better." And, sure enough, early in January, 1919, I was attracted to a poster announcing a free lecture on Christian Science in Brooklyn, New York. On hearing the lecturer, I was intensely impressed by the bold, frank, and honest statements which he made, as well as by his sincerity; and the manner in which the lecture was delivered was to me unimpeachable. Shortly after hearing this lecture, I put myself under the care of divine Love, God. Through the efficacy of Christian Science, in about a week or ten days I was healed. Not only was I healed of what the neurologist was pleased to call "only functional," but all other physical ailments that had been multiplying, and others of many years' standing, disappeared. Hernia of fifteen years' duration, sore eyes, stomach trouble, fear, anxiety, apprehension, despondency, and despair, have all gone out under the blaze of divine Truth; also, I have been freed absolutely from the use of any and all intoxicating beverages, and tobacco, too.

Testimony of Healing
I am very glad to add my testimony, and hope it may...
November 4, 1922

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