The Law of Prohibition

There is no power on earth that can give legitimate license to evil. Its negative totality is forever prohibited by the infinite and omnipresent God. Step by step mankind perceives this verity, and mentally concurs, individually and collectively, in this righteous prohibition, which emanates from the goodness of God.

After more than a half century of consideration, thirty-four states of the United States of America enacted, within a comparatively few years, laws prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors. Their population totaled more than a majority of the nation's people. Soon thereafter, Congress, moved by the country's fuller recognition of the iniquity of the liquor traffic and its desire to forever repudiate it, submitted to all the state legislatures an amendment to the Federal Constitution prohibiting for all time the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors within the borders of the United States. This amendment was ratified by forty-six of the forty-eight states, and became the law of the land. Congress then passed the Volstead Act, defining what should be regarded as intoxicating liquor, and providing means to enforce the constitutional amendment. Vigorous efforts are now being made by opponents of these righteous enactments to choose at the November election a Congress which will so modify the Volstead Act as to give governmental sanction of the manufacture and sale of certain intoxicating beverages. The issue thus presented to the citizens of the United States is a momentous one. Their decision will determine, to a considerable degree, the measure of civilization's progress out of materiality for generations to come; for alcoholic indulgence holds men and nations in bondage to matter, and turns them from the living God, who is Spirit, matter's opposite.

"Now is the accepted time"
November 4, 1922

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