"Experiences, testimonies, and remarks"

A careful study of the definitions of the words above quoted makes it quite plain what sort of talks are expected of all who take part in that portion of the Wednesday evening meetings set aside, as Mrs. Eddy says, for "experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science" (Church Manual, p. 122). A dictionary defines experience as "actual living through an event;" a synonym for testimony is "proof," and the word "remark" is explained in these words: "The mention of that which deserves attention or notice." The relating, therefore, of some experience through which one has passed in such a way as to prove that the healing was brought about through the application of the teachings of Christian Science, but eliminating all unnecessary details, would conform to the spirit of this provision.

There are of course many more definitions given for each of these words, but in none of them do we find reason for repeating entire articles from the Church Manual or any of Mrs. Eddy's works, although the quoting of a sentence or two from them or from the Bible, to illustrate a point, may prove very helpful. Of course each article, whether long or short, of our Leader's writings, is teeming with healing power, but it is not usually through hearing it repeated or through the casual reading of it that the full import of any given article is gained; but through earnest, quiet study Truth unfolds to us and blesses us.

May 8, 1920

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