There have been many good and enlightening articles written on true ambition, and is it any wonder that it comes to so many individuals to endeavor to throw light on a subject of such universal interest? Ambition has always been regarded in human experience as an admirable and even an essential quality, with such a high premium placed on its development that Christian Scientists learn very early in their study the necessity for differentiating between false human ambition and that which Mrs. Eddy defines so clearly in her Message for 1902, when she says, "It does not follow that power must mature into oppression; indeed, right is the only potency; and the only true ambition is to serve God and to help the race."

How early in human experience does the world recommend developing the ambitious outlining of material endeavors and results! Is it not often, too often, the case that parents are eagerly speculating with and encouraging the children in their homes, with the hope that they may discover some "leaning" or tendency toward things mechanical or things musical, toward literature, art, law, and so on, thinking perhaps that when such a discovery is made, the attainment of these juvenile ambitions may be strengthened and encouraged? How often these early human aspirations would be proved deceptions of the most disappointing sort if human beings were compelled to pursue the vocation throughout their experience that they pictured as ideal and selected as their preference in their very early youth.

May 8, 1920

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