When clergymen launch an attack against Christian Science...

Chester (Pa.) Times

When clergymen launch an attack against Christian Science, as stated in the report of a conference, it is a recognition of the growth and success of Christian Science, which otherwise would receive no such attention from these gentlemen. Permit me to say in reply that the teaching of Christian Science is based on the holy Scriptures, and its success is due solely to the understanding which that teaching gives of the Scriptures, and of the means which Christ Jesus employed in healing the sick. Jesus plainly and unmistakably directed his followers to heal, and said that those who believed on him would do the same works.

On what basis therefore can ministers, of all people, object, as reported, to "all forms of healing on the ground that healing is more under the province of the physician than the minister"? Every one knows that Jesus and his disciples did not use drugs or other material means in their ministrations. It is to be noted that not one of thes critics denies the fact of healing by Christian Scientists, and it is undeniably true that thousands of people throughout the world will testify of being relieved from great suffering through Christian Science, and of being morally regenerated after other means failed. Upon what possible grounds, therefore, can such a methods be termed "unscriptural healing" or said to be "coined out of hell," as stated by one critic? In view of Jesus' reply to a similar charge by the Pharisees, who accused him of healing through Beelzebub, it is surprising that these critics do not realize the position in which they place themselves in thus giving Beelzebub credit for doing more good through healing the sick and relieving people from suffering than they themselves are doing.

December 27, 1919

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