Conquering Error

Many times reference has been made in our periodicals to the scientific use of words in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and the advantage of familiarizing ourselves with their exact meaning in order better to understand the statements made therein. In no case, perhaps, is this more clearly shown than in the reference on page 217, where we read, "When you have once conquered a diseased condition of the body through Mind, that condition never recurs, and you have won a point in Science." Many times, when confronted by an apparent recurrence of a condition supposedly conquered, this passage has been carefully studied, and recently the word conquered seemed to require special attention. A standard dictionary says, "To defeat an enemy is to gain the advantage in a single action; to vanquish is to win a signal victory; to conquer is to overcome so effectually that the victory is regarded as final." This definition opened up a field of research, and through reference to the concordances the use of the words, defeat, vanquish, and conquer, in the various writings of our beloved Leader meant more than ever before.

Sometimes one beginning the study of Christian Science and experiencing the wonderful proof of healing promised throughout the Scriptures, immediately assumes that a condition has been conquered. While this is often the case, there need be no sense of discouragement should it be found later that there is more work to be done along the same line. Perhaps the enemy may have been merely defeated. Then there is afforded the further opportunity so to strengthen thought and grow in understanding that when another attack is made, there will be an increased confidence in God and consequent loss of faith in error, so that the task of vanquishing may be undertaken joyfully, knowing that the result is sure.

True Teaching
December 27, 1919

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