Six years ago I was led into Christian Science after having...

Six years ago I was led into Christian Science after having spent many years dragging my weary footsteps through the quicksands of alcoholism and the mires of sensualism. At that time I was a member of the New York stock exchange and of five of that city's most exclusive clubs. I was a confirmed drunkard—tightly bound by subtle fetters of the carnal mind. I took most of the drink cures suggested by materia medica and was an inmate of a number of sanitariums in the hope of finding a permanent healing. The inevitable happened and one day I awoke to find myself just as financially bankrupt as I had been for years morally bankrupt. Actually penniless and practically friendless I wandered away from New York into the South, and there met a student of Christian Science, and as Mrs. Eddy says on page 283 of Science and Health, received "the divine Principle in the understanding," and since that time I have tried to "live it in daily life." The light of Truth so flooded my consciousness that I have never since used any kind of liquor, the desire to do so having completely left me. At this time I was also instantaneously healed of hay fever.

The overcoming of lack of supply has proved to me that the divine Mind recognizes no difference between an ill body, an ill mind, or an ill business. All are tributary to the carnal mind and are resolved into their native nothingness by the understanding of Christian Science properly applied. All I am and all I have is directly due to Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
A song of gratitude has been rising in my heart these...
December 27, 1919

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