A Victory Behind the Lines

Not all of the battles in France were fought in the front line trenches during the recent war. There were many mental battles waged behind the lines, of which the world is hearing through the Wednesday evening testimony meetings and the Christian Science periodicals. The soldiers fought some of these battles alone with God, some with the aid of their comrades, and others with the assistance rendered by the Christian Science War Relief workers. The workers, too, had their battles.

The Lesson-Sermon on the subject of "Unreality" reminded the writer of a very interesting engagement with the common enemy, called by Paul "the carnal mind." One of the Bible references in this lesson was from the tenth chapter of Matthew. The Master was giving instructions to his disciples preparatory to sending them forth to preach the gospel and heal the sick. He told them that they would be delivered up to councils and scourged in the synagogues and brought before governors and kings for his sake; but they should take no thought as to how or what they should speak, because God would give them what they should speak.

December 27, 1919

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