Judging from a statement reported in a recent issue as...

Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Journal-Gazette

Judging from a statement reported in a recent issue as having been made by Doctor—in one of his lectures, one would be led to think that he knows very little of the teachings of Christian Science. I could not believe that he would deliberately misstate or misrepresent these teachings, but when he said, "The cures accomplished through mental healing, hypnotism, and Christian Science are all based on the remedial powers of strong and continued suggestion," he made an incorrect and misleading statement.

Christian Science is based wholly upon the power of God, infinite Mind, the limitless and perfect law of God, and contains no element of evil or occultism. Hypnotism, mesmeritains mental suggestion, and similar phases of human will power are wholly undesirable and dangerous. They are capable of imparting evil and disease, and their use is a menace to unsuspecting people. They are in no way associated with or included in the teachings and practice of Christian Science.

December 27, 1919

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