My little girl, when about two years old, fell from a...

My little girl, when about two years old, fell from a porch and broke her arm above the elbow. There was no Christian Science practitioner in the vicinity, so I telephoned to one in Brooklyn. Absent treatments were given every day for several weeks, and a perfect healing was brought about. The first thing to quiet the child after she fell was my singing one of Mrs. Eddy's hymns (Hymnal, p. 240), "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power." That word "power" meant so much. Because she kept asking for more, I had to keep singing it over and over, and then she became so peaceful.

I wanted to be sure of doing the right thing, but did not personally know of any healings of broken bones in Science (only having known about Scienc two years) and I began to be afraid. After two days a local doctor was called in, and he suggested taking the child to the hospital that afternoon, having an X-ray picture taken and setting the bone. I seemed to be in the wilderness, but found an old Sentinel that had a testimony of a woman who had several bones broken in an automobile accident and was healed in Science. After I had read this, my little girl asked for God's book, as she calls the Bible, and then opened it and asked me to read. It was opened at the third chapter of Proverbs and I started to read: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Then further on I read, "It shall be . . . marrow to thy bones." Could anyone be told in plainer words what steps to take? I called up the doctor and canceled the appointment at the hospital, and continued the Christian Science treatment. The child's arm got along so nicely that I had the doctor look at it one day when I met him and all he could say was, "Go ahead with what you've been doing." As stated above, after a few weeks' treatment the healing was complete.

Testimony of Healing
After suffering for two years from gallstones, I heard of...
December 6, 1919

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