In my profession, that of teaching French, Christian Science...

In my profession, that of teaching French, Christian Science has been of inestimable value. The understanding that man is the full expression of Mind uncovers the falsities that one must be born in a certain place to acquire excellence in speaking a foreign language; that he need be satisfied with anything less than perfection for his goal. Never having had the intention of teaching I had preferred to specialize rather than to work for a diploma, so that when I wished to turn my training to practical account, I did not seem to fit into the conventional educational routine, and was forced to find a place for myself. Through this pioneer work Christian Science was my never failing solace, and I learned to turn more constantly to divine Mind for guidance and inspiration. In consequence, I find myself in a professional environment capable of greater elasticity, and offering greater possibilities than the positions which were sought originally.

When first presented to me as a young girl, the explanation which Christian Science gives of a perfect God and perfect man (hence the impossibility and unreality of evil) satisfied my sense of right and justice so that I accepted it at once without reserve. Subsequent study has developed this instinctive turning to the truth into a firm conviction.

Testimony of Healing
I rejoice always that I was willing to try Christian Science...
December 6, 1919

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