The Meaning of Christian Science

AMONG the obstacles which confront the beginner in Christian Science are two very common errors: that Science and Health is hard to understand, or that one cannot agree with its statements. These troubles, however, are due largely to the ordinary concept of religion, as well as to ignorance of the true meaning of Christian Science. People usually think of religion as being primarily composed of a collection of doctrines or creeds, which are believed or not believed as one sees fit. Naturally with such a concept prevalent, it would be hard for them to conceive of any religious idea which departs from the one entertained by the majority. The Christian Science church, however, is fundamentally different from other religious denominations in that it is founded upon divine Science known and applied, rather than upon theories of religion merely accepted as being true; while faith, according to the teachings of Christian Science, implies absolute reliance upon one's knowledge of God and His laws.

Mrs. Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," must not be considered merely as a book of religious discourse; it is the textbook of an exact, metaphysical Science, dealing with the divine law by which God is manifested. In other words, it is the systematic and formulated knowledge of the Christ, Truth. Jesus' practical understanding of this operative law, which he imparted to others, and which enabled him to perform his divinely natural demonstrations, or so-called miracles, made him worthy of the Messiahship. And it can be said that when we attain as clear an understanding of this divine law and practice it as perfectly, we shall be able, even as he promised, to repeat his works. This Science can only be learned by careful study of its textbook, as well as by the demonstration of its rules. One would not expect to learn any branch of the science of mathematics by merely reading a textbook through; and it would be impossible for anyone to extract the cube root of a number before he had learned to add.

The Journey
December 6, 1919

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