Four years ago Christian Science treatment completely...

Four years ago Christian Science treatment completely healed me of malaria and granulated eyelids, which medical science had long tried and failed to do. I should undoubtedly be wearing glasses to-day were it not for Christian Science, as at the time when I reluctantly consented to try it I was threatened with having to give up reading, school work, and drawing. Since then I have used my eyes constantly without thought of difficulty. As for malaria, I had been subject to it all my life. For the last four years, although I have lived part of the time near the Louisiana line, in the very heart of the so-called malaria country, there has been no suggestion of its return. There have also been innumerable proofs of the power of Christian Science in the overcoming of colds, throat affection, and other minor ills, in escape from accidents, and immunity from seasickness, ivy poisoning, and fear of contagion. More valuable, however, has been the help received in other directions. Christian Science has been an immeasurable aid in learning to like people and in overcoming self-consciousness. Time and again it has helped me in school work, in examinations, and in the one-time ordeal of facing an audience.

For the privilege of class instruction I am most grateful. Since I have moved from a city to a small town our periodicals are more valued than ever, the Monitor in particular, and church services, which I now rarely have an opportunity to attend, are more appreciated. Above all, the ability at this time to see through the mists of material conflict the triumph of Principle and the victory over death, has proved a blessing.—(Miss) Wanda Whitman, Carthage, Texas.

Testimony of Healing
For some time I have felt the desire to express my gratitude...
September 14, 1918

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