As a Child Learns

He was a very little child. Nobody wanted him to count, or thought of teaching him to do so; but something had awakened his sense of number and there he was, surrounded by playthings to which he paid small heed, repeating earnestly the few names of numbers that he knew, and calling eagerly for help where his own knowledge was lacking. "One, two, three,—what comes after three?" Next day it was, "I'll count as far as I can and will you go on to ten?" This ideal loomed far ahead on his limited horizon. A few days later, when increasing store of knowledge had carried him far beyond his first ideal, he called, "What comes after sixty-nine?" Then, his eyes shining with a vision, he asked, "When I count as far as I can, will you go on to one hundred?"

As the human mind seeks eagerly for knowledge,—"As the hart panteth after the water brooks,"—so the children of God yearn for the eternal wisdom; and ever as they press forward, the infinite Father-Mother waits until they have gone as far as they can; then He shows them other heights and leads them up other shining ways.

The Cross
September 14, 1918

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