I am indeed grateful for Christian Science

I am indeed grateful for Christian Science. About eight years ago it was presented to me by my physician's wife, who gave me the first copy of the Christian Science Sentinel I had ever seen. She had read it and found it very good, so told me to take it home and read it, saying she thought I would find some very good ideas in it. I was sure I would if she had done so, for I had great faith in her judgment. We had taken up the study of religions in a class in her home, and for many years were close friends and students. I began reading the Sentinel that evening, and before I had read very far, found it was the truth for which we had been searching so many years. During the first three weeks of reading just the Sentinel, I was healed of muscular rheumatism, nervous indigestion, and neuralgic headaches. I then purchased a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and before I had read it half through, eyeglasses were laid aside after having been worn over sixteen years on account of a structural defect of the eyes.

Six months after beginning the study of Christian Science I came to Detroit, Michigan, and a year later had my first Christian Science treatment, for quinsy sore throat. A sister had passed on with that disease, and I always dreaded it. My parents and relatives said that as I had inherited it, I would suffer from it all my life. As a child, and while going to school, I did have it sometimes twice a year. Nothing much was done for me except to give me a gargle, and when the throat was closed so I could not even use that, I was told the disease would run its course; that meant a week, sometimes longer, before relief was experienced. With Christian Science treatment I was healed in seven hours. This was wonderful to me, and to all the people in the home where I was living. I did not see the practitioner until the day after my healing.

July 20, 1918

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