A Nation's Growth

We sometimes forget that nations are born as truly as are individuals, that they must grow, and unless they forget the vital truth to which they owe their very existence they will pass the barriers of time and unfold in the infinitude of Mind and Mind's eternal manifestation. At this period no thinker would deny that when any nation allows itself to be submerged in materiality, and thus loses sight of the moral and spiritual, its decadence has begun, and unless an awakening comes it will go the way of all flesh. The strength of a nation is the ideal which impels it at any cost to seek after righteousness, for this alone is its "saving health," to quote the psalmist's words. Abraham forsook one of the great nations of antiquity because he was weary of its many gods, its false knowledge, and its hopeless materialism; and while he never realized on earth the fruition of his hope and faith, he laid deep in human consciousness the imperishable seed of a lofty ideal which was to save the whole human race.

To those who rejected the life-giving truth which he came to declare, Christ Jesus said, "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof." No nation can continue to exist, much less grow, which does not bring forth some of the fruits of righteousness, and these have usually been most in evidence in times of trial and conflict. Sodom was nearing destruction when sensualism revelled in idleness and "fulness of bread," and Ezekiel adds to this charge, "Neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy."

Here it may be said that the result of Mrs. Eddy's teachings is becoming very apparent the world over in well-directed energy, and especially in the generous outgoing of true charity toward the needy of earth, whether their seeming necessities are most deeply felt on the material plane or on the spiritual. In spite of the clouds which hang heavy over the material horizon, all true thinkers are beginning to heed the command of Christ Jesus, which has special significance at this period, "Lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." Strange as it seems, people are all acknowledging that the late Fourth of July was not only the greatest day in this nation's history, but that it was a prophecy and promise of boundless blessings to the whole human race, of the coming of true activity, true brotherhood, and the elevation of moral and spiritual ideals above all material considerations.

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Among the Churches
July 20, 1918

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