Seven years ago, at a time when I felt a sense of need,...

Seven years ago, at a time when I felt a sense of need, my attention was first drawn to Christian Science by some Sentinels that were lent to me, and I procured a copy of Science and Health. It was, however, the wonderful accounts of physical healing that attracted me, and as my sense of need seemed to pass for the time, I did not realize the beautiful truth revealed by this teaching until later. Now, after some years of continued study and considerable help gained from it, I wish to send from this far-away corner of the field my acknowledgment of indebtedness.

I always enjoyed physical health, but it is even better now, and I manifest a much greater degree of energy than ever before. Material laws that I was taught from childhood carefully to obey in order to avoid the penalty of sickness, I now disregard with impunity, knowing that they are not laws at all, but only mistaken beliefs. It is, however, mentally and spiritually that Christian Science means so very much to me. I can truly say it has reversed my outlook on life, which was before decidedly gloomy and morbid; it is now full of hope and interest, gained from the broadening view that results from having a spiritual in place of a material basis for thought. Christian Science has enabled me to overcome to a great extent resentment, fear, worry, and a lack of interest in those outside my own immediate circle. It has shown me the unreality of the experience called death, thus removing the fear of it for myself and others; and for this I am more grateful than for anything else. The study of the Bible has become a pleasure, many of what formerly seemed hard sayings having become plain. Such understanding of the truth as I have gained is most helpful to me in my daily life, and I know that when I fail to demonstrate the supremacy of good, it is entirely due to imperfect understanding and lack of faithfulness in living the golden rule.

Testimony of Healing
In my travels as a seafaring man I came to New Orleans,...
July 20, 1918

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