The number of benefits my family and I have received...

The number of benefits my family and I have received from the study and practice of Christian Science are countless, but there is one experience I would like especially to relate, as it may help others. For some time there had been a problem before me which had to be worked out, and I knew that Christian Science, rightly understood, could do it; but from whatever point I looked at it, there appeared a reason why no step could be taken—either fear of harming others or myself, or fear of what would be thought or said, invariably kept me from taking the only step which came to me repeatedly as the right one.

One morning, on getting up, I experienced a great sense of pain and weakness in the knees, and finding that I was likely to be late, being unable to move quickly, I did not stop to treat myself as we are taught to do in Christian Science, but passing over a suggestion of age or infirmity creeping on, with a casual thought that it could not affect me and I would soon be all right, I dressed and went to breakfast. Various things occupied my time and attention, till in the latter part of the day the trouble became much worse, with an extraordinary feeling that the knee joints were out of their sockets and the legs useless. Then I awoke to the fact that I had to do some earnest Christian Science work, and I remembered that there were several texts in the Bible which referred to "feeble knees;" but not one of them could I recall.

Testimony of Healing
The joy, comfort, peace, and increasing understanding...
April 20, 1918

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