Nine years ago I was healed through Christian Science...

Nine years ago I was healed through Christian Science of a so-called fibroid growth, with all its attendant symptoms. I had suffered from headaches since earliest childhood. They were not only frequent but very severe, lasting from two days to a week, and greatly interfered with my studies, also robbed me of many pleasures. About three years before my healing I began to have frequent hemorrhages, which caused such a sense of weakness that I would faint at the most inopportune times and places. Finally I was confined to the bed, and two well-known San Francisco physicans (one a noted specialist) pronounced my condition due to a fibroid growth. They urged an immediate operation, at the same time telling me of the danger attendant thereon and frankly admitting that I would never be the same physically after the operation as before. They, however, said that unless the growth were removed, it would ultimately prove fatal.

I did not fear death nearly so much as I feared the after effects of such an operation; therefore, as I had planned to go East, I insisted upon taking the trip. The doctors assured me that I was taking the greatest chances, but nevertheless I started on my journey, having first made arrangements for an operation upon my return. On my way I stopped over at Spokane, Washington, and it was while in that city that Christian Science was brought to my attention by a lady who had experienced a wonderful physical healing and who was also a practitioner. I had very little faith in what Christian Science could do in my case, yet felt that it could do no harm, so the night before leaving Spokane I asked this lady to treat me during my trip East, and she lovingly promised to do so. The following morning upon awakening I was surprised to find myself free from any sense of car sickness, a complaint from which I had always suffered when traveling. I spent most of that day reading Science and Health, which the practitioner had requested me to purchase and read. The months of July and August were passed in the East and Middle West, and during that time no sense of discomfort from the extreme heat was experienced, nor did I once have a headache. The hemorrhages were the last symptoms to disappear, but by the time I returned to California I felt sure I was entirely healed.

Testimony of Healing
I have received so much help from the Christian Science...
April 20, 1918

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