It is now six years since my study of Christian Science...

It is now six years since my study of Christian Science was begun, and during that period I have received innumerable benefits and blessings from its teachings. For twenty years or more I believed myself to be an atheist, and the Bible and religion were considered superstitious relics of the dark ages. It is true that when a child, with other members of my family, I was compelled to attend church, but this weekly performance was a constant dread to me, and before I was fifteen years old the ceremony was discontinued. The years that followed led me to the very dregs of materialism. I became a confirmed pessimist and cynic; I hated myself, and was suspicious of every one else. Gradually I was becoming aware of my shortcomings, and the thought of the future filled me with alarm. At this juncture Christian Science was presented to me. The first reading of Science and Health answered all my questions, and as I gradually began to comprehend the Truth or divine Principle taught therein, the effects of my changing thought were manifested morally and physically.

About three years ago while at the beach, my feet and legs became infected and were badly puffed up and swollen. After several days the pain was so intense that I could no longer bear my own weight upon them. I had no thought of using any material remedy, but doubted my understanding of the truth, so I turned to Mind and asked to be shown. At the same time I opened the Bible and found myself reading from the book of Joshua. Instantly I understood that there was no error that God could not destroy, and in less than forty minutes I was absolutely free. Some years before this a similar condition appeared in the left foot. I sought relief from two doctors, who warned me of blood poisoning, and it was six weeks before I could walk without the aid of a cane.

Testimony of Healing
About six years ago I was taken ill and several doctors...
April 20, 1918

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