The Christ-healing in Prophecy

Pure prophecy is an absolute statement of the law of God, the result of thought reaching out to and becoming inspired with the vision of perfection in communion with God. Prophecy has always been regarded by men with more or less awe, as something quite out of what is considered the natural order of things; but when the prophecy of the Bible in connection with the Christ-idea is considered, the statements are found to be direct declarations of absolute truth, and when studied with understanding, in the light of the spiritual interpretation given the Scriptures by Mrs. Eddy, their healing influence amounts to veritable treatment.

The earlier prophets of the Bible discerned God's perfection, and though at times they themselves demonstrated the truth with marvelous results, according to their power of vision, they realized the incontrovertible fact that an age would come in which the truth could and would be demonstrated continuously and in its entirety. They were inspired to see that the Christ-idea would be manifest in the flesh by one who would demonstrate the truth in its fullness; not partially, nor intermittently, but steadily and without flaw. They could not do less than make these absolute statements and declare that such a one would spring from the highest and best of the human race and reveal the perfection of God. They did not define personality, but asserted the truth, leaving results to God, the divine healer; just as the Christian Science practitioner affirms the absoluteness of Truth in giving a treatment, even to an unreceptive thought.

No Discord in Mind
January 5, 1918

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