One Christian Scientist asked another: "What shall I do about this business matter that drags so; shall I just keep on holding the right thought about it every day and be content with that?" This phraseology might, in certain cases, give one notice that the particular difficulty rested on the belief that the human mind is able to create some "good thought," the holding of which is sufficient to help or heal. This inquirer, however, had glimpsed more than once the allness of the divine Mind, and the consequent inability of the human mind to help in any way except to abdicate in favor of Truth; and his question revealed a subtle mistake.

The answer to the question came instantly in a metaphor. Supposing the Christian Scientist were a well-digger; it is plain that no matter how long he drilled or dug, how arduous his labor, how superficially artistic or fanciful his handiwork, all would avail nothing unless he dug deep enough to reach the water. Shallow wells often collect seepage waters, and these are sometimes sufficient for certain purposes, though more often laden with objectionable material carried from the surface; but for gushing and pure water only wells that reach the right stratum will suffice.

Waiting for the Unreal to Disappear
January 5, 1918

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