"A bruised reed"

In the forty-second chapter of Isaiah we find some of the clearest and strongest statements of the qualities, characteristics, and work of the Christ that are to be found among the many beautiful prophetic passages of this book; and since studying Christian Science this chapter has become to the writer one of the most loved and most helpful portions of the Scriptures. The appreciation of it has brought an understanding of the patience, tenderness, compassion, and mercifulness, as well as the strength, discernment, wisdom, and foresight, which surely belong to the one whose name is "Wonderful," and which must be expressed and manifested by those seeking to be obedient to the teachings of Christ Jesus, who knew himself to be the Son of God and was the perfect expression of these qualities of divine Mind.

Many times the words, "A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench," have brought a great sense of tenderness and patience with those who seem to have but a lukewarm interest in Christian Science, even after having experienced much benefit mentally and physically. The overcoming of one's egotism, which would have judged and condemned such slow seekers of Truth, has helped the discernment of the error of thought that was keeping the patient satisfied with so little, when the rich abundance of Love is ever waiting to pour itself into human lives. And then has come a great joy from knowing that the tiniest spark of truth can through patient, loving work be gently fanned into such a flame as will eventually consume all the dross of human thought, and purify its gold.

The Christ-healing in Prophecy
January 5, 1918

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