Many times seemingly difficult problems have been entirely...

Many times seemingly difficult problems have been entirely solved for me through reading some article in the Sentinel or Journal, and I feel that each number I read leaves my thought higher than before. Every day brings added proof of the efficacy of Christian Science to destroy discord of all kinds, and my whole being swells with gratitude as I see this wonderful religion spreading to all parts of the earth.

For many years I was a church member, and often desired to enter active work in religious life, but the way did not open until I came to Christian Science, which I knew from the first was the answer to my sincere desire to be led into all truth. There have been many experiences of healing in our home. Our little son, now over four years of age, has never had medicine, and is in perfect health, robust and lively. When he was about two years of age he was attacked by what appeared to be infantile paralysis. He was suddenly stricken with a very high fever, and though for about twenty-four hours I tried to realize God's presence, I felt no progress was being made. At the end of that time convulsions set in. Before a Christian Science practitioner in portland, Ore., could be reached by telephone,—a distance of about one hundred and fifty miles,—he had a second convulsion, much more severe than the first; but when the practitioner started treatment, almost instantly the fever left and he regained consciousness. He improved steadily, and in less then two weeks was able to walk again. In a remarkably short time he was manifesting perfect health. My husband, not being a Scientist, called in a physician, but no medicine was given the child. This experience led me to a higher understanding of God's omnipotent care and loving protection, and I have been aroused to a greater spiritual activity and awakening, for which I am unceasingly grateful.

Testimony of Healing
My heart is filled with thankfulness to God, and with...
May 12, 1917

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