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Recently a student of Christian Science had spent what seemed a very lonely day. From early morning she had felt depressed with a sense of being apart from all the finest and best that was in the world. Because she was living in a rather isolated place, mortal mind argued, was the reason for this feeling; and it further said it was natural that she should feel the need of good music, the best in drama and art, and that she should be unhappy when deprived of this privilege. The following thought, too, held no small place in the unhappy musings: If there were only a Christian Science reading-room near, where she might go and read, what rapid progress would be made in gaining an understanding of Science!

Mortal mind argued so subtly that the young Scientist was lured into forgetting the Father's presence, then her books; also mental work, or prayer, as we come to know it in Christian Science, was neglected almost the entire day. By evening she was thoroughly miserable, and as she returned from a walk,—which had been miserable too, for her thought had been full of bitterness,—her eyes were on the ground, both literally and figuratively, and the beauty of the surrounding country was lost to her. When home was reached and she entered her room, the tears were very near the surface. For a moment she stood still, and then, realizing that she must turn her face to the Father, she began the work which had been so long delayed.

Uplifted Desire
May 12, 1917

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