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Material from the New York subway excavations may be utilized in the construction of artificial fishing banks a few miles off the coast of Long Island, between Rockaway Point and Far Rockaway. The United States Bureau of Fisheries has conferred with a committee of the United Anglers' League, which suggested the project, and the secretary of commerce has obtained the sanction of the War Department. It is proposed to dump material in a stratum one or two feet deep on the sandy bottom, and thus establish an artificial bank which will offer no obstruction to navigation but will provide a rock or gravel area suitable for the development of marine growths. Experiments have shown that such growths are quickly established, that they in turn give shelter to the invertebrates on which various species of local fishes feed, and that the latter assemble on the fishing banks in large numbers.

Siberia is generally believed to present excellent openings for the investment of capital in industrial undertakings. Practically the only industries already established are those that depend on a plentiful supply of cheap raw material, such as spirit distilling, skin curing, flour milling, match making, etc. There is, however, a great wealth of other resources in western Siberia. The growth of industries there has been retarded by the insufficiency and high cost of capital. Foreign investors in Siberia have hitherto been attracted chiefly to mining ventures; but recently representatives of foreign interests have visited Siberia and have investigated the possibilities for the establishment of paper mills, sawmills, leather factories, meat canning factories, agricultural implement works, brick works, iron works, and other industries.

Human Need Supplied
May 12, 1917

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