Jesus established Christianity by teaching and preaching...

Jackson (Mich.) Patriot

Jesus established Christianity by teaching and preaching love; by healing the sick and casting out sin in proof of his understanding of love. That is what Christian Scientists are today striving to do, and it is what they will continue to do, in an ever increasing degree of perfection, in proportion as their understanding of divine Love increases.

Christian Science, as addressed to humanity, is an emanation of a devout, prayerful, and lifelong study of the Scriptures by its Discoverer and Founder, Mrs. Eddy, and is in strict accord with Bible teachings at all points. It emphasizes more than any other contemporaneous religion the necessity of a knowledge of the Christ. It emphasizes the teachings of the Master to the extent that it finds no excuse in the Bible or elsewhere for an attempt to divorce his command to heal the sick from his command to preach the gospel and cast out sin. It teaches that through the Christ, through the understanding of all that Jesus taught and did, and by following his precepts in our every thought, word, and deed, we shall, as did Jesus, come into a full understanding of our sonship with the Father.

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