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It is with a heart full of gratitude that I testify to the...

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I testify to the blessings received through Christian Science. For twelve years I was under medical care, and during that time never had an hour free from pain. Following the birth of our youngest son, high fever and blood poisoning set in, and after I had recovered somewhat, I became afflicted with a serious nerve and abdominal trouble said to be incurable. Treatment from various professors and nature-cure physicians brought me only temporary relief, and finally I was taken to an institute for nervous troubles. I failed to experience help, however, and came to stay with relatives in Schorndorf, where I heard of Christian Science and the results achieved through it. Earnest prayer that I might know of this glorious truth, caused me to be led to a Christian Science practitioner, who explained the subject to me in the most loving way. When the practitioner began to treat me, light immediately shone into my gloomy life, and after a short period of treatment I was healed in mind and body and became a different woman.

Another great proof of the omnipotence of good was given me when on one occasion I seemed unable to take a single step. The left kneecap had been injured, and according to medical opinion my leg would never be normal again; at any rate, it would be a long time before I would be able to walk. The practitioner took up treatment, however, and on the following day to my great joy I was able to attend to all my household duties.

Testimony of Healing
Having found Christian Science a present help in time of...
May 12, 1917

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