In common with all Christian churches the great Methodist...

Huntington Beach (Cal.) News

In common with all Christian churches the great Methodist church founded by John Wesley and the Christian Science church founded by Mary Baker Eddy hold to the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of God. In other words, all Christian churches assert the allness of God as part of their doctrine and belief. These churches also teach that God is Spirit. It therefore follows that if God is Spirit and God is All, then Spirit is All. Creation, therefore, including man, is spiritual and no material.

In addition to the word Spirit, Mrs. Eddy in her writings uses a few other words, such as Mind, Life, and Love, as synonyms for God. The use of the word Mind, capitalized, as meaning God, seems not to have been understood by a contributor to your paper, and as a result he is led into making some rather confused statements. The contributor signs himself "Your brother in Christian love," and immediately above this statement he urges you "not to feed your intelligent readers with the falsehoods of Christian Science," merely because you had stated the fact that "Christian Science had been of untold benefit to business men, professional men, and to people in all walks of life."

May 12, 1917

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