It is with the deepest gratitude for Christian Science...

It is with the deepest gratitude for Christian Science that I tell of my healing. I was in ill health for many years, during which time I had treatment by physicians of different schools and followed rules of health, but without being benefited. It was not until I was in extreme mental suffering that Christian Science was resorted to, and then within a short time there was a great change in me. I was given a sense of the nearness, goodness, and protection of God, saw beauty where I had not seen it before, and felt a deeper friendliness toward people. The physical healing followed, some of the discordant conditions yielding quickly and some slowly.

I have been healed of chronic weakness and nervous trouble, of sleeplessness, hemorrhages of the nose, and pain in the back which was supposed to be the result of a spinal injury; also my eyesight improved, so that I no longer needed to wear glasses when reading. Other ills too were overcome. I am grateful for the physical healing, but much more so for the spiritual enlightenment, for the knowledge of the truth about God and man as revealed through the study of the Bible in the light of Mrs. Eddy's writings. This truth is a practical help in daily life. Fear is being destroyed through the understanding of God as infinite Mind, or intelligence, and of man as the reflection of the Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus."

From Our Exchanges
May 12, 1917

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