Two Memorials

Near the end of Jesus' days on this earth, while the members of the Sanhedrin were planning for his crucifixion, he went up to Bethany to the pleasant home of Simon, who had been healed of leprosy. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived there with Simon, and many believe that Simon was Martha's husband. Be that as it may, Jesus' visit to this home is the only incident recorded in the New Testament in which mention is made of Lazarus after he was so marvelously brought back from his stay in the unseen world. To do Jesus honor the family had made him a supper, with invited guests, and Lazarus reclined with him on the table couch. This company was no doubt composed of those whom Jesus and his disciples had healed, and this gathering of friends and disciples, at a time when all present knew that the authorities of the Sanhedrin and temple were seeking to put him to death, was in itself a loyal tribute to Jesus, their beloved friend.

Doubtless the two sisters, Martha and Mary, had often thought of how they could express their gratitude for all that Jesus had done for them, for had he not healed Simon of leprosy and brought Lazarus back to them after he had lain three days in the tomb, and by so doing given to them the surety of eternal life? But it was through Mary—the Mary who had sat at Jesus' feet and chosen the one thing needful, divine Love—that this gratitude was to be expressed.

Death Destroyed
March 17, 1917

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