Truth Alone Repeats Itself

A Proverb frequently quoted declares that "history repeats itself." Too often this saying of mortals is translated to mean that mistakes, sins, sicknesses, and disasters repeat themselves; in fact, many mortals live under the constant apprehension that evil must needs be their portion. This false belief that evil repeats itself is so ingrained in human consciousness that some of the severest afflictions of mankind are the outcome of this mistaken thinking.

Heredity is the false doctrine that the sins and ills which have afflicted the parents will be manifested in the children. Mortals even go so far as to believe it a law that the poverty, discord, and disease of ancestors will necessarily have a repetition in their offspring. The belief of contagion is another noxious weed springing from this seed of error. The only law is divine; and if it were true that this was a divine law,—that evil and disease iterate and reiterate themselves,—then God would be powerless and Truth could not set men free. Christian Science, however, teaches that Truth is ever available, and ready to enlighten mankind as to man's God bestowed birthright. Truth is powerful because of its very simplicity. Only the carnal mind produces complications.

Two Memorials
March 17, 1917

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