In a wonderful passage Jeremiah the prophet foretells the building of a great city, so strongly built, so well fortified, that it shall not be "thrown down any more for ever." Before this city of perfection and permanence had appeared, there had been another on the site of it, a temporal and material city which had soon been overthrown. There, to mortal sense, lying in every direction, were the ruins of great buildings. Outside the crumbling walls were the sepulchers of the dead, while heaps of ashes marked the spot where fires had been kindled.

Surely a habitation of the dead is here depicted, dreary and desolate; and yet how strange it is that there are mortals who still seem content to wander in just such a ruined and dust strewn wilderness, deeming it the work of divine providence and accepting the whole appalling picture as if it were the design of a loving Father. Has it ever seemed to such as these that the real city may still be intact, as Jeremiah predicted that it would be, and that it is strong, eternal, and spiritual?

Efficient Service
October 20, 1917

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