"Sons of God"

It is always a knowledge of the truth which corrects and destroys false impressions. A right idea entertained in human consciousness always shows the great need of mental transformation. This mental process involves the separation of good and evil in our thinking, — the giving of place and activity to good only, and none to evil, because Christian Science is founded upon the Scriptural platform of the first statement of creation, when God, or Spirit, comprehending all that He had made, pronounced it "very good."

We read that "God created man in his own image." Man is therefore spiritual, perfect, immortal as "when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." What has taken this overflowing joy out of the lives of mortals? To this it may be answered that mortals were never included in this characterization, but only the sons of God. The harmony of being is an expression of the law of infinite good, and there is no other law existing or operating to separate man from the continuity of God's law.

October 20, 1917

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