Healing by Spiritual Law

Because the use of the written formula in the work of demonstrating Christian Science must inevitably lead to dependence upon the letter rather than upon the spirit, our Leader forbade it, and generally speaking students have loyally recognized the wisdom which dictated this action. But what about the verbal formula? Is there not a danger that we may fall into the habit of very frequently using words and phrases, in speaking of Christian Science, about which we have but a superficial knowledge? Truth is metaphysical, and should therefore be understood spiritually. Every word of truth in the Bible and in Science and Health must be metaphysically interpreted and applied before it manifests its purifying and redeeming power. Because human thought must be educated out of its falsities, or rather because every wrong concept must be eliminated from the human mind, we have statements of truth in these volumes that can only be illuminated, understood, and translated into healing potency as we recognize that there is a benign law at the back of them,—a law which is metaphysical, and which therefore cannot be apprehend or conceived of by the corporeal senses.

When we think, for instance, of the "scientific statement of being" on page 468 of our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, we can all remember numberless instances in which it has been like a shaft of light from the throne of God, penetrating the darkened mentality, and so dispersing ignorance and fear that there has occurred what, until we came to know the Science of spiritual healing, would have been called a miracle. This was the effect of the operation of the law of Love, or spiritual law, the only law which has any real existence or power.

January 8, 1916

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