On Saturday, June 28, 1913, at five o'clock in the evening,...

On Saturday, June 28, 1913, at five o'clock in the evening, a man came to my door to tell me that my little girl had been injured in an accident. He said that the automobile in which she was riding had collided with a street-car, and she had been thrown out, striking on her head, and had been taken to the receiving hospital. For just a moment this seemed more than I could bear, but like a flash the thought came, Why, she is God's child, and He will surely care for His own.

My mother and I jumped into an automobile and hurried to the hospital. All the way I kept declaring that God's child could meet with no accident. When we arrived my daughter was unconscious and as one dead. The doctor and nurse said she was suffering from concussion of the brain. She was vomiting blood, and continued to do so until about two o'clock in the morning. She had a gash on the head about two and a half inches long, a bruise behind the ear, and one knee was bandaged; in fact, there were bruised spots all over her body.

I kept on declaring what I knew of the truth, while my mother telephoned a Christian Science practitioner to come at once. She arrived at the hospital about seven o'clock, and I felt greatly relieved when I knew she was helping me. She said we must get the child home as soon as possible. I then asked the doctor how soon we could move her, and he said in an hour or two if all went well, but we must have our family physician at the house on our arrival; therefore in order not to have any controversy at this critical time we called a physician whom we knew. About nine o'clock the nurse ordered an ambulance, and a little after ten we were home. The physician arrived about the same time, examined the child, and stated that the brain was injured and her vitality low; also that she must be watched very carefully and kept quiet.

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful for all that Christian Science has...
August 14, 1915

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