I wish to express my gratitude for a wonderful healing I...

I wish to express my gratitude for a wonderful healing I experienced in February, 1913. I had been visiting my daughter in Canton, Ohio, and was on my way to my home in Michigan. I had to change cars in Toledo, and as I was going from the station to the street-car I slipped on the icy pavement and seriously injured my leg. I was picked up by two men who were passing at the time, and they called to a surgeon who happened to be near. It was impossible for me to stand, so the surgeon sent me to the hospital in an automobile. I told him that I was a Christian Scientist and would not take any medicine, and as soon as I reached the hospital I sent a telegram to my daughter, asking for Christian Science treatment.

The accident occurred on Monday evening, and on Tuesday morning my daughter came to see me. An X-ray photograph of the leg was taken on Thursday and the bones were set that day. The following Monday I went back to Canton on a stretcher. When my daughter asked the surgeon how soon I could be moved, he said not for three or four weeks at least, because the leg could not be put in a cast before that time, as it was badly fractured, both bones being involved. There was also a wound on the front part of the leg, where the bone had cut through the flesh, and the surgeon thought it might cause some trouble. He said I should have a doctor in Canton look after this and put the cast on; but I did not see a doctor, nor was my leg put in a cast.

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