Glory of Reflection

There is a pretty fashion followed nowadays of placing a crystal globe on a pedestal in the garden. Looking into it, one may compass at a glance almost the entire circle of vision, from the flaming foreground of gladioli to the sequestered seat in the distant arbor. To the alert seeker for the spiritual interpretation of experience, this interesting ornament suggests that the human face may be made thus to mirror everything of beauty, both within and without.

Oftentimes though the lips do not move, there flashes over the face the trail of a fine emotion which tells us a story. It is the appearing of the strength of sure knowledge, the confidence of fearlessness, the light of Love. Indeed, these signs of good should glow upon our faces unfailingly, so that our love for and devotion to the ideal may be "known and read of all" about us; and this will surely come to pass if we are but mindful of our privilege ever to bear witness to the soverignty and the joy of Truth. This light, which is the first requisite for reflection, is the inner flame that of old haloed Moses when he had gained a measure of that wisdom that maketh the face to shine. The Scriptures continually admonish us to shine. Their admonitions range from the call of the prophets to Jesus' appeal to his little group of followers, his declaration that they and all after them who sought the Father in sincerity should be the light of a waiting world.

August 14, 1915

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