In the report of a lecture at Leigh on "Miracles," which...

The Leigh (England) Chronicle

In the report of a lecture at Leigh on "Miracles," which appeared in a recent issue, I notice that Christian Science is mentioned in association with faith-healing and suggestion. The healing works of Christian Science are in no way dependent upon the action of the human mind or mental suggestion, nor have they any connection with what is usually understood by the term faith-healing. Christian Science healing is effected by means of the application of known laws of God. We know that laws may exist without their presence being suspected, and that they are not available for intelligent application for the use of mankind until some one discovers them. No one now thinks there is anything mysterious or impossible about sending a wireless message over the ocean, yet there was a time when every one thought so.

Christian Science teaches that laws of God have always existed by means of which all the ills of life—physical, mental, and moral—can be healed, and that these laws are available for the benefit of every one as soon as they are understood. Christ Jesus revealed these divine laws of healing centuries ago, and Christian Science is simply the restatement of them which was given to the world by Mrs. Eddy as the result of her careful study of the Bible, after she herself had been healed through the operation of these laws.

"I will trust in thee"
August 14, 1915

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